The Easiest Way to Plan a Thanksgiving Gathering.


 In this PDF download, you'll get tips, tricks, tools, checklists, worksheets, planners, timelines, recipes, and pro tips to help you plan the perfect Thanksgiving.

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Hi, I'm Lisa.

When I took over hosting Thanksgiving from my mom, I had an idea of what I'd need to do. After all, I'd been watching her do it, seemingly effortlessly, for years. I thought, "This will be easy!"


Not so much.

Watching is NOT doing. And even though I could ask her some questions, my inner rebel came through and there were some things that I wanted to figure out for myself.

That's how this guide was born. There was a lot of trial and error. A lot of research. And a whole lot of fun.

Whether you're an old pro at putting holiday dinners together or a complete newbie, I've got you covered.

Yes! Give me the Guide for $9!

Why an entire guide, Lisa? I only have to cook the dinner, right?


Well, yes.....and no. 

Whether you're having guests come and stay with you or just having them come for dinner, there are a million little details that frequently get overlooked or forgotten.
In The Ultimate Thanksgiving Planning Guide, I'll show you:
  • How to get all of your food on the table at the same time, even if each dish has a different cook time or temperature

  • How to figure out what size turkey to buy based on the number of guests - and how long to cook it

  • Exactly what to do, week by week, leading up to Thanksgiving to make it as stress-free as possible

  • Exactly what to do on Thanksgiving day to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks

  • What to have on hand to help your overnight guests more comfortable - and how to create "grab and go" meals for them so you don't have to do additional cooking

  • And MUCH more!

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